About me

So here we are.

Um. Well, I left South Africa for the first time in May 2012, when I travelled seven times zones ahead and settled in South Korea. I started a blog mainly to keep my peeps back home up to date with what I was getting up to, but soon realised that Facebook already had that covered. Eventually, I procrastinated blogging regularly, and blogged when I wanted to procrastinate doing something else.

For the record, jury’s out on whether I used ‘procrastinate’ correctly in that sentence. I did a web search, but couldn’t get a clear answer. See how I procrastinated typing this by googling instead? I’m good at this…

Right. The blog. I’m leaving Korea after two very fulfilling years, and I’d like to still blog about whatever might happen career-wise and travel-wise in time to come. I’ve rebranded my blog accordingly (man, I sound so fancy!) and now I’ll make all sorts of false promises about checking in more regularly.

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