3. Why do you blog?


Google never disappoints.

I started blogging in 2012 when I decided to move to Korea. During my research on the job and the country, I found that a lot of foreign teachers in Korea had blogs. Most of the information in Korea is in Korean and that can be intimidating for a newbie. These blogs were all in English and they had everything from reviews to suggestions to directions. From these blogs I learned what to pack, what not to pack, how much to pack… I learned about what to expect from my job, my colleagues, my co-teacher, my students… I learned where to go and how to get there… I learned that there are ups and downs to living in Korea and how to deal with culture shock (hint: HAVE A WIDE OPEN MIND when you arrive AND BE ADAPTABLE and you’ll adjust a lot faster). Basically, there’s nothing about Korea that couldn’t be found on a blog somewhere.

There were also a lot of blogs that were more just about people’s personal experiences. I found myself enjoying reading about unique perspectives and even just the menial day to day things that foreigners endure experience in this here unique country.

Because I was the first person out of everyone I knew to move to a new country, I decided to start my own blog to keep everyone up to date with my experiences. So my blog is much more of a ‘look what I did, guys!’ than a ‘you should do these things’. I blog pretty sporadically though. Shorter updates were easier to post on Facebook and I just never felt like sitting down and writing about stuff that had happened before more recent stuff that happened. New stuff was happening all the time.

Random observation: It felt like, back in 2012, just about everyone had a blog, even if they only posted once in a blue moon. These days blogging has become such a thing. I miss the days of raw, amateur blogging! Sometimes I can’t resist, and I creep back on my Paju friends’ timelines until I find a link they posted. And then I can easily lose hours reading old posts. A simpler time, indeed.

2. Meaning of your blog name?


When I first moved to Korea, my blog had a different name. I figured I’d be blogging mostly about Korea, so naturally ‘kimchi’ had to feature in the title. ‘Boerewors’ is a uniquely South African sausage and I used it to represent my South African roots. I knew I’d be eating all sorts of unusual foods (by my palate’s standards, that is). As a picky eater this was very significant to me, and I wanted to focus attention on it. ‘Kimchi and Boerewors: Awaken the tastebuds’ was born.

Planes, trains and chutney

When I decided to leave Korea early in 2014, I figured it was time to give my blog a more general and less Korea-centered name. I wanted it to still be about my travelling, living abroad and having new experiences, but also about something from home. ‘Planes’ and ‘trains’ represent my main mode of travel. (Can I just say, public transport is the bomb!)  ‘Chutney’ is a type of pickled relish unique to South Africa – something I miss immensely when I live away from home.

Diary of an expat, teacher, comfort-zone teacher

And because my blog has no specific purpose, I think of it as a diary (or journal) of sorts. I am an expat and a career teacher, and even though I seem to be living this adventurous life, I’m really still just looking to establish comfort zones wherever I am.

31 Day Blog Challenge

In an attempt to get writing again – because I really do enjoy it once I get started – I’ll be doing the most ambitious of challenges: a daily blog challenge.

I mean, there are dumber challenges on the internet, right? So this isn’t so bad…

I found this challenge online, the result of a groundbreaking Google search. I couldn’t find out anything about the creator though, as the accounts mentioned on the image don’t exist anymore.

Instead of trying to remember to start on the first of next month, I’m going to start right away (as in, tomorrow or the next day…). And I won’t promise to write every day, but I’ll most certainly try to write on most days until I’ve completed the challenge. Some of the posts will be shorter, some hopefully longer. Looking at the list below, some might be a little lamer than others. But I shall persevere!

See you soon!


I want to write, but…

…I hate screens.

I really do.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t get myself to sort out photos from LAST YEAR to put onto Facebook, or blog more regularly, or even type decent responses to messages from friends. I have no better reason than: I hate looking at screens.

The only time I’m willing to watch a screen continuously for more than 3 minutes is when I watch superhero movies at the cinema. At this stage I’m even struggling to look at my kindle long enough to read a chapter. I would rather stare at the ceiling, honestly.

All my teaching work is on computer – I teach using Powerpoint mostly. So free periods are spent planning and preparing and creating presentations (I do them all from scratch). When I get home in the evenings, the last thing I feel like doing is to be connected to a screen.

So bear with me as I try to remedy this.

For now, though…


I’m outta here.