Color Me Rad

Colo(u)r Me Rad and The Colo(u)r Run (can’t help it, my British roots won’t let me leave out the ‘u’) seem to have taken the world by storm. Taking their inspiration from the Hindu Holi Festival, both are un-timed 5 km “fun walks”, where at different points, participants are doused in different colours. The colour is just dyed cornstarch powder, so although it smells just like farm, it’s harmless and washes right out. My sports bra begs to differ, but I suppose it’s all in the fabric. Everything else was clean after just one wash.

Both are for-profit events, so don’t let their claims of helping local charities encourage you to participate. I mean, participate by all means, but do it for the fun of it and nothing else. (What they do is compensate charities for providing volunteers. I haven’t done thorough research, but it would appear that this compensation is very minimal. But hey, anything to get a charity’s name associated with your event and attract more people, right?)

Korea has had three events, all through Color Me Rad, and it was my turn to join in the fun on the 14th of September. It was a rainy morning in Korea, but thankfully the skies cleared just before the first wave of participants took off, and other than stepping in lots of puddles, the rest of everything was about as fun as fun can get.

Here are some photos from the event: