“But I’m not creative!” ~ yeah, right

Many months ago, my friend Trevor and I went in search of Gusto Taco (and now I’m fighting the urge to tell you just how good the food is there), and on the way we came across a theme café called Mustoy. It was already late in the day, so it was decided that we’d return another time. And so we did!

It took me ages to decide on a design, which I then changed completely as I went along. Here’s some shots from that day:

Mustoy is a theme café where you, well, paint porcelain dolls. For 15 000 KRW you get a doll (which can be a “boy” or “girl” shape – the only differentiation being that the hair either points up or points down), a whole variety of markers, a planning card, and a drink.

So more recently – on my birthday last Saturday – some of my closest friends joined me for an afternoon of arts and crafts. And although some of us started off reluctantly, proclaiming our inability to come up with a good idea or draw it well, all our dolls turned out wonderfully. So wonderful, in fact, that I asked each of them to stretch their imagination even further and come up with a little story to accompany their doll. There were no clear instructions or guidelines, and I so enjoyed what they came up with.

FLTR: Cindy, Me, Trevor, Sarah, Thomas
FLTR: Cindy, Me, Trevor, Sarah, Thomas



Kusakabe Satsuki from the film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ (1988)

‘My Neighbour Totoro’ is an animated film by the Japanese company Studio Ghibli which was released as a double feature with ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ due to the moroseness of the latter; it became extremely famous due to its accessibility and, for many, nostalgic nature; eventually becoming the mascot of the studio.

The story deals with 2 sisters, Mei (5) and Satsuki (11) who move into the country with their father to be closer to their mother whom is in hospital. Whilst there the younger sister finds a secret hollow where 3 ‘Totoro’ (Mei mispronounces the Japanese for troll) live. The girls keep meeting the largest Totoro. When Mei tries to run to the hospital when she finds out her mother can’t come home Totoro and his friend ‘The Catbus’ (never realized how insane this movie was) help Satsuki to find her.

I decided to Draw Satsuki as the blank figure’s hair reminded me of her.



PSY was happy (mother-father-gentlemanly happy, actually) but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more out of life. While flipping idly through his Twitter feed one evening, one Tweet in particular stood out: “@psy_oppa u shuld cum 2 Canada lol.” “Hmm… Ka-na-da…” PSY placed his hand on his chin and his other hand on his elbow and, swaying back and forth, thought it over. The next morning, he had booked a ticket to the Great White North, and two days later, he had enrolled in the RCMP Academy, also known as Mountie School (it’s a real thing – look it up). PSY Oppa had finally found his true calling: a job that required that he had a horse to dance with. What’s more – he looked exquisite in red.



Привет!  My name is Stephanya, but my friends call me Stesha.  I live in Moscow, but love the summers I spend at my families дача (summer home) in the country.  My favorite meal, голубец мит сметана (stuffed cabbage roll with sour cream) is made by my бабушка (grandmother) every Thursday night!    I’m most excited though to visit all my Mustoy friends at our international convention this August!



Damia’s a gigantic fan of Dexter’s Lab. Insists on going by ‘D’, just to be that much closer in spirit to the show. Unfortunately, D’s sister doesn’t exactly fit the bill for Dee Dee very well. It’s an ongoing dilemma. Not that there’s not plenty else to discourage D in this fandom endeavor – the D in Chemistry (thanks a lot dilation lab!), the dying drive with the archive of the show, and the deleterious effects on sleep and vision that obsessive rewatchings at 3am produce. The situation isn’t dire yet. After all, the cosplay’s worked out well. No, the big problem for D was much more dreadful than these. D spent days daydreaming: if only D’s Dexter’s Lab’s Club’s Directive’s Designations of Design and Durability of Fan Displays was more direct.



As creative as I’ve been in convincing teenagers that Maths is not the enemy (and for the record, I succeeded far beyond my wildest expectations!), I find that I’m painfully left-brained when it comes to actual crafts.

So really, my inspiration was a new take on primary colours (I do love them brights!). Naturally, I incorporated a rainbow (I don’t particularly like the things, they just keep coming up wherever colours are involved – check out the pants of my first doll). After creating my first doll, I knew that I wanted the next one to be more about colourblocking and simplicity.

The shop assistant told us that the facial expressions on our dolls revealed our personalities. I’m not so sure about that, but my doll’s happiness most certainly reflected my feelings about going home for summer vacation the very next weekend!


Thanks to my friends for being such good sports! 🙂