Singapore Days 4 and 5: A slower-paced weekend

Saturday the 23rd of February was not an easy day to get out of bed. Trevor and I were both exhausted from a week filled to the brim with excitement and new experiences. But there was more to see and do!

We headed in the direction of Chinatown and met up with one of Trevor’s friends, who’s currently studying in Singapore. She showed us around a bit and we visited a beautifully decorated Hindu Temple. We also discovered the Tin Tin merchandise store. Photos inside the store weren’t allowed, but we had some fun at the entrance.

Gardens by the Bay was next on the itinerary. We didn’t head to the Skyway, but we took a relaxing and enjoyable walk through the park. We parted ways with Trevor’s friend, and headed back to where we were staying, as an afternoon nap was high on the to-do list.

Our hosts were hosting a barbecue for Scott’s colleagues in the late afternoon, and they were kind enough to invite us. We headed down to the complex’s swimming pool and entertainment area, and spent a relaxing evening meeting some interesting people and comparing expat stories.

On the way back up to the apartment, I was amused to see that the vending machines held bread. And different varieties at that! But maybe that was just the tiredness showing through.

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Gardens By The Bay

Sunday the 24th was museum day. I’m not particularly cultured like that, but I traded Trevor a museum day for going on all the rides at Universal Studios. And I’m glad I did!

Our day started of at The National Museum of Singapore. We started off at the special exhibitions and came across one titled “Being Together: Being Together: Family & Portraits – Photographing with John Clang“.

As described on The National Museum of Singapore website:

This exhibition explores the theme of the ‘Family’, the central building block of Singapore society, by looking at Singaporeans’ sense of identity, rootedness and connection to their families both in Singapore and abroad, in cities such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Being Together: Family & Portraits – Photographing with John Clang draws from the artist’s personal experience of being separated from his family, and touches upon a predicament that many Singaporeans of various ethnic groups face today. It is a journey of appreciation of who we are as a people, in the context of today’s globalised world.

Being an expat myself, I identified with the photographs and stories, and by the time we were done, I was far more emotional than I ever thought I could be at a museum! I only realised after that I didn’t take any photos, but I found them all on John Clang’s website. Click here for photos of Clang with his own family, and here for the photos featured in the exhibition.

Museuming made us hungry, and we found a restaurant where I could have my steak fix.

Tummies full, it was time to get our art on! The Singapore Art Museum, split into two buildings, was our next stop. I don’t recall every visiting an art museum before, and I enjoyed this new experience so much! We took a few photos here, but mostly we just allowed ourselves to be swept up by the interesting and impressive art around us.

Despite not particularly looking forward to culture day, I had to admit that this day was just as much fun as any other!

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