Singapore Day 2: ALL of the colours!

The 21st of February started of slow and relaxed, which was great after the previous night’s outing. Jennifer had some errands to run, so Trevor and I accompanied her and her son Wyatt to Little India. Nothing could prepare me for the explosions to my senses!

A feast of smells and colours awaited us. We walked through the food market, me gawking at the interesting and colourful fruits. South Africa has its variety, but I’d become used to seeing nothing besides apples, oranges and bananas in Korea. And even those suddenly looked bigger and juicier at this market. I saw my very first jack fruit, and yes, it really is that big! The jack fruit happened to be displayed right by the watermelons, just to drive the point home.

Past the food market was the clothes market, which was just a feast for the eyes. The patterns and colours of the traditional Indian clothing was just beautiful. I had to fight the urge to stop and touch just about everything, as the fabrics all looked so luxurious, and the embellishments were so striking.

We worked our way to the souvenir area (I’m such a tourist!), where we discovered Psy on a t-shirt (it appears there really is no escaping Gangnam Style) and where I had some henna tattoos done (when in Rome…). While walking through the souvenir stalls, I was transported back to home by the vendors who bombarded us to tell us why their products were so much better than the exact replicas at the very next stall.

Jennifer and Wyatt had finished their errands and we parted ways. Trevor and I decided to tackle the streets of Singapore on foot. Jennifer directed us to temple, which we never got to, as there was just so much to take in on the way. Trevor found paradise in a little store selling Bollywood DVDs. We enjoyed the beautifully colourful buildings along the way.

I had discovered that Singapore had a Nando’s, and convinced Trevor that this was chicken worth trying. When we got hungry, we set off to find the shopping center that housed said Nando’s, and yes! yes! yes! it was everything I had hoped it would be. After getting stuffed on chicken burgers with cheese and pineapple, chips, garlic bread and corn on the cob, we killed some time doing some more souvenir shopping at a nearby market. The fun discovery of the day was the transport card stickers. We picked some out for our friends in Korea. Choosing our favourites were easy: I chose Paul Frank’s Julius, and Trevor chose Chopper from One Piece.

The day wasn’t done yet! It was time to head over to the Singapore Night Safari, which to my disappointment was no more than a night-time zoo. (I don’t like zoos. I don’t like what they represent and I don’t like what happens in them. I come from a country where there’s plenty of opportunities to see plenty of animals, and none of those involve sad-looking animals in too-small cages.) It was a fun evening nevertheless, and we had fun taking photos at the various displays. I also had my first Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (for the record: way better than any zoo!). We hopped on a safari van and was taken on a “safari” through the “jungle”, which was kinda cool I’ll admit. I, spoiled Saffa that I am, wasn’t too impressed by the animals on display. I’ve seen my fair share of elephants, zebras and giraffes. Trevor was amused at how excited I was to see deer, as that was the one part that bored him. I explained that we don’t have any deer, so these were my first live sightings. (Even if they were in glorified cages. 😦 ) The evening was fun, all in all, as there was plenty to see and do and learn. By closing time, we were relieved to have an excuse to leave, as it had been a long day, and the next day would be chock-full, too.

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Psy t-shirt