Metamorphic May

I figured that today is about as good a day as any to get started on this thing, seeing as May 2012 will go down in my personal history as a life-altering month.

Let me explain:

In less than two weeks I’ll be getting on a plane to spend a year (or so) teaching English in South Korea.

Wow, that revelation is so big I needed a moment of reflection. And italics. Sometimes the excitement, anxiety, anticipation and downright fear is too much to handle. Despite this, and the ever decreasing time frame, I have chosen to procrastinate by creating a blog. Yes, typical me. You see that shelf that needs organising? Yes? Me too. Rather choose a theme for your blog. Story of my life. 😛

Two weeks! It feels like just yesterday I was aimlessly poking around on the interwebz looking for something exciting to tackle come 2012. That was five months ago. I can’t remember how it all came together, and that really isn’t important any more. What I do remember is feeling a little down and out in general, and in desperate and long overdue need of adventure. In a moment of defiance, I turned to God with a challenge. Silly me! Because, as it turns out, when I asked God to “show me what You’ve got”, he accepted the challenge. And then some.

Those of you who have been in close touch with me in the last few months will know what I’m talking about. Looking back, it feels like this entire process has taken care of itself. More about this in a future post.

More about everything in many future posts.

For now though, I have some studying to do. Among a million other things. Two weeks!!!


Oh wait. Blogs need images.





Much better. 🙂