So, what *does* the fox say?

Ever heard of a band called Ylvis? Me neither.

Well, that was until three weeks ago, when my Facebook news feed was suddenly flooded with their music video, “The Fox”. I didn’t watch it; avoiding getting on the viral bandwagon is my lone act of defiance, so I generally try and stick with it for as long as possible. So despite countless shares, and posts in just about every ESL-related page and group I belong to, I resisted the urge to see what the fuss was about.

The song came up in a discussion among some friends and I, and I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t listened to it, which prompted one of my friends to whip out her smartphone and pull up the video. And yes, I can understand what the fuss is about.

So, for those of you who’ve managed to escape The Fox until now, check out their official music video:

Here are the lyrics posted on their Facebook page:


Dog goes woof
Cat goes meow
Bird goes tweet
And mouse goes squeek

Cow goes moo
Frog goes croak
And the elephant goes toot

Ducks say quack, fish goes blub
And the seal goes ow ow ow

But there’s one sound – That no one knows
What does the fox say?


Big blue eyes
Pointy nose
Chasing mice
and digging holes

Tiny paws
Up the hill
You’re standing still

Your fur is red
So beautiful
Like an angel in disguise

But if you meet
A friendly horse
Will you communicate by mo-o-o-o-orse?
How will you speak to that ho-o-o-o-orse?

What does the fox say?

A-hee-aee ha-hee
What the does the fox say?

The secret of the fox
Ancient mystery
Somewhere deep in the woods
I know you’re hiding

What is your sound
Will we ever know?

It’ill always be a mystery
What do you say?

Youre my guardian angel
Hiding in the woods
What is your sound
Will we ever know?
I want to know!

Now that you’re properly WTF-ing, listen to their explanation of the lyrics (now it all makes sense!)~

There you have it. Apparently, marijuana is the Norwegian word for fox. :-/ Smoking weed is, essentially, taking a fox.

And finally, what would a youtube search be without the discovery of endless parodies?

Annoying Orange~

A slightly disturbing Minecraft rendition~

Wolverine makes an appearance~

(This one’s worth watching past the 1 minute mark. Trust me.)

Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding. Over and out.