Singapore Day 3: Fun on Sentosa

On the morning of 22 February, we set off early for Sentosa, an island resort with lots of exciting things on offer. We had only one goal: Universal Studios.


Layout of Universal Studios Singapore

I love me some thrill rides, and even though it took some convincing to get Trevor to go on all the rides with me, we had an absolute blast. We chose to visit on a weekday, and arrived just as the park opened, so there were only short queues, if any.

Each of the themed sections of the park were so spectacularly designed and decorated, with restaurants and kiosks that matched each theme perfectly. It felt almost impossible to take it all in!

We started the day off in “New York“, with a mild but super fun ride where we joined the Sesame Street characters find spaghetti in space. Next up, without having any idea of the awesomeness about to ensue, we headed for the Transformers ride in “Sci-Fi City“. And all I can say is this: it blew our minds so much that we returned to it at the end of the day, and stood in an endless line, just to experience it all again!

Despite having not yet seen Madagascar and missing a lot of the references in the “Madagascar” theme section, Trevor took a liking to the penguins. And yes, we watched the movie shortly after returning to Korea. “Ancient Egypt” was a lot of fun to walk through, with its oversized buildings and statues, and some rather intimidating Egyptian gods. We had just as much fun working our way through “The Lost World” and “Far Far Away“, taking in the impressive decor and design as well as having fun on more rides than I can remember.

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon in “Sci-Fi City” was pretty awesome. At 42,5 metres high, it’s the tallest duelling roller coaster in the world. Two separate roller coasters are intertwined and run simultaneously on different coloured tracks – red for humans and blue for cylons. We started off on the red track, which has traditional cars where your legs and feet are secured, but your neck is left unsupported. I’m not a fan of these, but it was a great ride regardless. After catching our breath, we headed over to the blue track, with typical thrill ride seats where your feet dangle but your head and neck are supported. It had been a good while since a ride had properly left me breathless, and I was super impressed by the experience. I would have gone a second time, but the lines were getting long, and there was still plenty ground to cover.

On our way through “Hollywood“, we came across a really interesting attraction called “Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg”. A special effects display is set up on a sound stage. Steven Spielberg narrates a little something about special effects and just how awesome they are, and then you get to watch a strong hurricane tear up a boat house – complete with breaking windows, explosions, and water splashing the audience to add to the experience.

When our hosts heard of our plans to head to Sentosa, they recommended we head to the far side of the resort and seek out the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. After bussing over and watching the sunset from the beach (where we also had a lovely view of the lights of the more than 1000 cargo ships lined up to enter the harbour), we made our way over to the area. It was a really cool moment!

Before heading back, I let my inner voyeur out and read some of the Chinese New Year’s wishes that were hanging on the nearby trees.  I was struck by how many of the wishes were for other people – partners, friends and family members.

By this point, we’d been on vacation for exactly a week, and we could definitely feel it! All that go-go-go was taking its toll on our bodies and our patience, so we headed back and vowed to have a laid-back day the Saturday.

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It's Universal Studios, baby!

It’s Universal Studios, baby!