4. Your Favourite: 5 Blogs


I wouldn’t call the following blogs my “favourites” necessarily. They’re just ones I’m more familiar with than others. I’ve read countless blog posts all over the place that have resonated with me in some way or another, but to post them all here would be impossible.

So, in no particular order:

Hyperbole and a Half

Often referred to as the alot girl, Allie also wrote an excellent piece on depression (and later followed it up with part 2). And if you have a chance to read her book, you should.


This blog hasn’t been updated in a while, but it was a firm favourite when I first arrived in Korea. The creator moved to Korea around the same time as me, so it was a lot of fun seeing updates over the course of that year and being able to relate every single one.


This is my favourite Internet Black Hole. The Tumblr Gets Deep series is my absolute favourite, and at one stage I used to read it as soon as it was published on Fridays.

Seoul Secrets

Foreigners in Korea are fairly dependent on whatever English information is available out there, and a lot of this information focuses on the same locations, restaurants, etc. Seoul Secrets takes you off the beaten path, to parts of Seoul that foreigners probably wouldn’t think to visit because , well, we didn’t know they exist or we didn’t know what these areas have to offer.

10 won tips

I’ve found some really useful Korea-related info here.

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