3. Why do you blog?


Google never disappoints.

I started blogging in 2012 when I decided to move to Korea. During my research on the job and the country, I found that a lot of foreign teachers in Korea had blogs. Most of the information in Korea is in Korean and that can be intimidating for a newbie. These blogs were all in English and they had everything from reviews to suggestions to directions. From these blogs I learned what to pack, what not to pack, how much to pack… I learned about what to expect from my job, my colleagues, my co-teacher, my students… I learned where to go and how to get there… I learned that there are ups and downs to living in Korea and how to deal with culture shock (hint: HAVE A WIDE OPEN MIND when you arrive AND BE ADAPTABLE and you’ll adjust a lot faster). Basically, there’s nothing about Korea that couldn’t be found on a blog somewhere.

There were also a lot of blogs that were more just about people’s personal experiences. I found myself enjoying reading about unique perspectives and even just the menial day to day things that foreigners endure experience in this here unique country.

Because I was the first person out of everyone I knew to move to a new country, I decided to start my own blog to keep everyone up to date with my experiences. So my blog is much more of a ‘look what I did, guys!’ than a ‘you should do these things’. I blog pretty sporadically though. Shorter updates were easier to post on Facebook and I just never felt like sitting down and writing about stuff that had happened before more recent stuff that happened. New stuff was happening all the time.

Random observation: It felt like, back in 2012, just about everyone had a blog, even if they only posted once in a blue moon. These days blogging has become such a thing. I miss the days of raw, amateur blogging! Sometimes I can’t resist, and I creep back on my Paju friends’ timelines until I find a link they posted. And then I can easily lose hours reading old posts. A simpler time, indeed.

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