2. Meaning of your blog name?


When I first moved to Korea, my blog had a different name. I figured I’d be blogging mostly about Korea, so naturally ‘kimchi’ had to feature in the title. ‘Boerewors’ is a uniquely South African sausage and I used it to represent my South African roots. I knew I’d be eating all sorts of unusual foods (by my palate’s standards, that is). As a picky eater this was very significant to me, and I wanted to focus attention on it. ‘Kimchi and Boerewors: Awaken the tastebuds’ was born.

Planes, trains and chutney

When I decided to leave Korea early in 2014, I figured it was time to give my blog a more general and less Korea-centered name. I wanted it to still be about my travelling, living abroad and having new experiences, but also about something from home. ‘Planes’ and ‘trains’ represent my main mode of travel. (Can I just say, public transport is the bomb!)  ‘Chutney’ is a type of pickled relish unique to South Africa – something I miss immensely when I live away from home.

Diary of an expat, teacher, comfort-zone teacher

And because my blog has no specific purpose, I think of it as a diary (or journal) of sorts. I am an expat and a career teacher, and even though I seem to be living this adventurous life, I’m really still just looking to establish comfort zones wherever I am.

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