A new start, or something like it

Hi kids,

Yup, it’s been a while. I was all kinds of ready to move on from Korea and have this mind-blowing experience as an expat teacher working my way around the globe. Well, mind-blowing it was, but not the good kind. However, we live and we learn, and I have learnt a great deal from my mistakes. So let’s pretend the last year and a bit didn’t happen, and move on to more positive things.

For a whole list of reasons that I may or may not go into in the future (probably not), I decided to return to Korea once again. I’m still in the ‘holy cow I hope my documents are in order and I get my visa in time’ stage of it all. I am starting to feel the excitement trickle in.

I do enjoy the experience of fitting my life in a suitcase, arriving somewhere unfamiliar and starting with a clean slate each time, and I most definitely like making big money, but this time I also kinda wanted to stick around my hometown for a little while longer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a job (I had ONE INTERVIEW in six months!). And, well, I’m not all that ready to properly repatriate and kiss expat life goodbye. Korea is a good place to make some dough while living a pretty good life, so it felt like the right place to start.

So in a month’s time, I start my new job. I’ll be in a new city far from the one I previously lived in, but close enough to Seoul to keep this city girl happy.

I’m hoping to use my blog as a bit of an online journal (cos I know you really want to read my innermost thoughts 😛 ), as I spend great deals of time just talking to myself anyway, and I might as well use that time constructively.

Well I’m off to go make lists and sort and pack and freak out and all that stuff.


We got this, Sheldon!

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